What is the difference between a Food Facilities Consultant and an equipment dealer who also provides kitchen plans?

One of the most important differences is that a Food Facilities Consultant  "does not" sell equipment.

A Food Facilities Consultant provides service for a fee, solving your problems and giving you an unbiased equipment list. The choices of equipment are based on your budget and requirements. With no dealer quotas to meet or a large overhead to support, the Food Facilities Consultant works for you to get you the best deals; to meet your objectives and needs while saving you a lot of money.

A Food Facilities Consultant helps you make conscious decisions for your improvements, unlike equipment dealers who look for ways to improve their margins, increase their sales to pay for staff, office and showroom.

Why should a restaurateur hire a Food Facilities Consultant?

A restauranteur needs to have a space plan based on the operation's requirements. A Food Facilities Consultant will interview you thoroughly and will recommend the best equipment for your type of operation and budget. Because the consultant has no alliance with any equipment manufacturers, you don't have to worry about a conflict of interest there also. You can be reassured that what the consultant recommends will be right for you.

Why can't my chef do this for me?

Your chef can develop a partial plan indicating the rough locations of certain equipment and areas. But, unless your chef has current knowledge about construction methods and code requirements, you will not be able to submit his or her drawings to a building or health department for permit approvals. Your Food Facilities Consultant will also be able to coordinate with your architect and their engineers to develop a complete set of plans for your general contractor.

What are the code requirements for a food facilitity?

The code requirements for planning a food facilitiy are extensive. They include health codes, building codes, mechanical codes, electrical codes, and codes for disabled people. Your Food Facilities Consultant should be knowledgeable about these codes and those for your equipment's plumbing, electrical, and mechanical requirements.

What about my architect?

Architects play a key role in providing an adequate building space, but do not have training and knowledge about functional and efficient food service facilities. A Food Facilities Consultant understands the proper flow from delivery door to the dining room and understands what will be accepted by the local health department for plan check review and approval.
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